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LongEx Mainframe Quarterly - May 2023


Navigating z/OS Components

z/OS is a complicated operating system with many components. In this edition, we're going to look a little closer at some of these components.

In our first technical article, we see how identifying three letters can really speed up problem identification and diagnosis.

In our second technical article we take a look at two z/OS components: SRM and WLM. Many think that these are the same, but they do different things.

Finally, in our opinion article David Stephens confesses that he is a total z/OS geek, and provides ten pieces of evidence to prove it.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

technical: Three Letters To Help Problem Diagnosis

Ever used IDCAMS? You probably have. But have you ever noticed those first three letters: 'IDC'? Those three letters are interesting and can help when diagnosing problems. Let's see how.


technical: SRM vs WLM: They Really Aren't the Same

Often when people talk about the z/OS Workload Manager (WLM), they're really talking about things that the z/OS System Resource Manager (SRM) does. So, what does SRM really do? And how is it different to WLM? Let's take a look.


opinion: Ten Reasons Why I'm a z/OS Geek

I'm a real z/OS geek. Love working with z/OS, love finding more about it. To convince you, let me tell you my top ten reasons why I think I'm a total, complete, hopeless z/OS geek.



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