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About Us


Who We Are

We are an Australian based Mainframe consultancy company. We are technical experts with over decades of experience in IBM System z mainframes and z/OS. We have been providing mainframe consulting and services since 1996.

We believe we are some of the last 'old fashioned' mainframe technical people left. We know unfashionable skills such as Assembler programming and dump reading. We understand the Mainframe market, and have experience working on many different mainframe environments for many different clients. We have experience in all Mainframe areas, including capacity planning, security audit and Mainframe management.

We are passionate about our platform. And if we don't know something, we will find it out. To put it simply, we are the best in our field.

Our headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia. However our consultants are based throughout Australia; and consult throughout Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Our Values

Technical Skills.

We are leaders in our field - our knowledge and skills are second to none. However we are always building on our skills, and exploring new developments on our platform. If we don't know something, we can find it out - fast.


We pride ourselves on being computing professionals. If we make a commitment, we keep it. If we start something, we finish it. If we say something, we believe it. We will respect our client's confidentiality. All of our business will be conducted to the highest ethical levels.


We believe communication is the most important aspect of any business. We will keep all stakeholders in any project up to date. They will know about any developments and problems as soon as we do.


We really enjoy what we do. We are lucky enough to get paid to do something we love.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge. We:


We believe that all businesses should contribute to the community - no matter how big or small. Find out our involvement in the community.

Get more details from our Brochure (PDF, 120k)

Longpela Expertise are mainframe technical experts: from coding and administration to management, problem solving and training. Contact us to get your own mainframe expert.

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