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Mainframe Training


Mainframe Training by Mainframe Technical Experts

Longpela Expertise has a solid commitment to sharing our Mainframe knowledge and expertise. As part of this, we offer unique and innovative Mainframe training solutions.

We offers two training streams:

1. Mainframes for Beginners

Our introductory training is the best way to take your first step into the System z Mainframe world. Managers, programmers, operators and help desk professionals will all benefit enormously from these courses.

We've thrown the idea of long, theoretical classes out the window. Our courses are four hours long (no more), and show you how Mainframes and z/OS work in your organisation.

Longpela Expertise has two courses:

  • What On Earth is a Mainframe - learn about System z Mainframes.
  • What On Earth is z/OS - learn the basics about z/OS.

Our introductory courses are:

  • Conducted at your site at a day and time that suits your business.
  • Taught by practising Mainframe professionals with formal teaching qualifications and over 18 years experience.
  • A wonderful way to find out about mainframe concepts in clear, concise and informal language.

Download our beginner's training brochure to find out more.

2. Mainframe Systems Programmer Training

Systems Programmer can only learn so much in a classroom. Most of their training must be done on-the-job.

To do this, they need a mentor - a senior Systems Programmer who will help them teach themselves. This mentor will guide individual study, answer questions, and inspire excellence.

Longpela Expertise can provide that mentor.

Our Systems Programming training is:

  • A one-on-one relationship between student and teacher.
  • Taught by practicing Systems Programmers with formal teaching qualifications and over 18 years experience.
  • A cost-effective, innovative and flexible way to improve your Systems Programmer's skills and confidence.
  • Available worldwide.

Download our Systems Programmer training brochure to find out more.

Beginner Training

Get more details from our Brochure (PDF, 180k)

Systems Programmer Training

Get more details from our Brochure (PDF, 120k)

Read expert Mainframe articles in LongEx Mainframe Quarterly.

Find out about our beginner's book What On Earth is a Mainframe.

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