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Mainframe Consulting


Your Mainframe Problems Solved

We are the System z Mainframe technical experts. We can answer your mainframe questions, help with mainframe projects and project management, and provide systems programming support when and where you need.

We can help your organisation:

  • Reduce systems software costs
  • Plan and manage Mainframe related projects.
  • Develop Systems exits, utilities and applications in Assembler (HLASM), COBOL, PL/I, C, SAS and REXX.
  • Administer your mainframe systems.
  • Cover for a Systems Programmer on leave.
  • Audit your mainframe's security, operations, and disaster recovery plans.
  • Solve technical problems that need the highest technical knowledge and expertise.

We offer z/OS skills in:

  • Product installation and customization (including SMP/E).
  • Performance Management, Tuning and Capacity Planning (including expertise with TDS and SAS/MXG).
  • Problem solving and dump analysis.
  • Software development and modification including systems software and exits.
  • Mainframe technical advice for auditors, architects, managers and other mainframe users.
  • Development and support of TSO/ISPF, Netview, CICS and IMS applications.

We are the experts in:

  • z/OS and related systems software.
  • CICS, IMS, DB2 and related systems
  • Mainframe networks and connectivity, including Websphere MQ.

Our services are:

  • Expert, independent and vendor neutral.
  • Affordable.
  • Performed by experts with more than eighteen years experience.

We offer Mainframe Systems Consulting services throughout Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Download our Mainframe consulting brochure to find more about how Longpela Expertise can help your business.

Find out how consultants can solve mainframe systems skill shortages in our white paper When Should You Hire a Mainframe Systems Consultant.

Mainframe Systems Programming Consulting Brochure

Get more details from our Mainframe Consulting Brochure (PDF, 190k)

Find out how consultants can solve mainframe systems skills shortages in this white paper

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