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Press Release - November 2008

What On Earth is a Mainframe? New Beginners Book Released

Longpela Expertise releases the first book to introduce IBM zSeries Mainframes and z/OS Operating System in fun, easy-to-read English.

Perth, Australia - Nov 3, 2008 (PressReleasePoint) - Longpela Expertise today released the first book to introduce Mainframes in fun, easy-to-read English. Titled "What On Earth is a Mainframe," this book clearly explains the IBM zSeries computing platform and z/OS operating system.

What On Earth is a Mainframe provides the "must-know" Mainframe details for any Mainframe beginner. It covers the basics about Mainframe hardware, systems and terminology without getting bogged down in technical jargon. It also includes management issues, hot new Mainframe topics, and many other facts and stories that programmers, managers, CIOs and industry commentators will find invaluable.

"I've always been amazed that there isn't a Mainframe beginner's book around that's fun and easy to read," author David Stephens said. "So three years ago I decided to try and write one myself."

At 200 pages, What On Earth is a Mainframe is an easy read, and ideal for anyone needing to find their Mainframe feet fast.

What On Earth is a Mainframe is available for sale online at lulu.com and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide. More information and a media kit is available at www.longpelaexpertise.com.au/books

About the author
David Stephens is a Systems Programmer with over of 18 years Mainframe computing experience. He currently works as a Systems Programming consultant with Longpela Expertise in Perth, Western Australia.

About Longpela Expertise
Longpela Expertise is a company providing Mainframe Systems Programming consultancy services throughout Australia and South Asia. Find out more at www.longpelaexpertise.com.au.

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