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Press Release - September 2009

New White Paper Proposes Consultants as a Solution to Mainframe Skills Shortages

Perth, Australia - Sep 24, 2009 - Longpela Expertise, a System z mainframe technology company, today released a white paper discussing how consultants can solve mainframe system skills shortages.

Qualified, experienced mainframe system skills shortages are a significant issue for mainframe teams and projects under pressure to reduce staff numbers and operational expenses. Existing senior staff are approaching retirement age, and few graduates have the desire, experience or training to take their place.

“Many companies have little or no access to high calibre mainframe systems skills”, author David Stephens said. “This white paper looks at an option with a lot of flexibility that is often overlooked.”

The white paper examines how a mainframe systems consultant can be of value to mainframe managers, software development projects, architects and auditors. It discusses funding and headcount advantages, costs, when to consider a consultant, and how to get the maximum benefit from one.

For a copy of the white paper, visit http://www.longpelaexpertise.com.au/whitepaper/WhenConsultant.php

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