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Press Release - April 2009

Mainframe Education Without the Classroom: Longpela Expertise Launches Unique z/OS Systems Programmer Training

Longpela Expertise launches unique new z/OS Systems Programming mentor package.

Perth, Australia - Apr 30, 2009 - Longpela Expertise, a System z Mainframe technology company, today announced the launch of their new z/OS Systems Programmer training package.

Moving away from the traditional classroom course, this package provides one-on-one mentoring with a senior Systems Programmer. Each week, the student and teacher informally discuss issues and problems directly relating to the student's current workload.

"We're more interested in showing students how to find answers themselves, rather than simply feeding them information", Lead Systems Programmer David Stephens said. "We've found that our mentoring approach is a great way of achieving this."

Teachers structure discussions and assign regular reading and project assignments, providing students with guidance as they learn to find answers themselves. Teachers review and discuss completed assignments, and are also available via email to answer student's questions.

Students undertake training at their desks, and communicate with their teacher using email, telephone and the internet. This reduces the costs of training, as well as the disruption to the student's working day.

Training for most z/OS, CICS and IMS Systems Programming topics is available, including advanced Assembler programming, dump analysis and performance tuning.

Longpela Expertise's teachers are all practicing Systems Programmers with over 18 years experience. They all have formal teaching qualifications and extensive teaching experience.

Longpela Expertise's Systems Programming training is available worldwide.

More information on this and other Mainframe training options is available from Longpela Expertise's website at http://www.longpelaexpertise.com.au/training


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