Press Release - February 2009

Solving Your Mainframe Headaches: Longpela Expertise Launches zSeries Mainframe Consulting Services

Perth, Australia - Feb 10, 2009 - Longpela Expertise, a zSeries Mainframe technology company, today announced the launch of their new Mainframe consulting services.

Longpela Expertise's consulting services will provide hard-to-find zSeries Mainframe Systems Programming and Architect services throughout Australia, South Asia and South Africa.

"There is a real shortage of quality Mainframe expertise available", Lead Systems Programmer David Stephens said. "Many sites don't have access to an Assembler programmer who can analyse dumps, or an architect with knowledge and experience of the complete Mainframe platform and market."

Longpela Expertise consultants have decades of experience in z/OS, CICS, IMS and related systems software. Clients will have access to independent, vendor neutral, world class Mainframe expertise. From development of Assembler exits to advice on Mainframe related projects, Longpela Expertise consultants can be contracted for as little as one hour.

About Longpela Expertise
Longpela Expertise is a zSeries Mainframe technology company providing consulting and training services throughout Australia, South Asia and South Africa. Find out more at www.longpelaexpertise.com.au.