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LongEx Mainframe Quarterly - November 2016


Resilience and Reliability

In this issue we're looking at resilience and reliability - a topic we'll continue in the next edition or two.

In our management section, we talk about the cost of abends, and if we really should care if we see abends in our system.

In our technical article, we finish our three-article series on DASD mirroring and disaster recovery by reviewing XRC and PPRC solutions and automation.

Finally, in our opinion article, we talk about how one client has asked us to look at resilience and reliability - and this has never happened before.

Longpela Expertise will also be presenting a webinar with Compuware on behalf of our partner CPT Global. Join us on 15-Dec-2016 as we talk about how CPT and Longpela Expertise have achieved CPU savings using Compuware Strobe. You can find out more from Compuware's website.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

management: How Much Do Abends Really Cost?

A while ago I was at a client site, and noticed that they were getting around 8000 CICS transaction abends a week - that's eight thousand. This surprised me, but for that site it was business as usual: they knew about the abends, but there was no real urgency to fix them.

In simple terms an abend (abnormal end) is a failure; a crash. A program, task, stored procedure or job tried to do something, and failed. In a perfect world, we wouldn't get abends. Ever. However the world isn't perfect, and abends are something that occur every day in every system. But what's the cost of abends, and should we care?


technical: DASD Mirroring Part 3: Putting a Solution Together

In the previous article of this three-part series, we continued our look at DASD mirroring by looking at performance issues with PPRC and XRC mirroring. PPRC and XRC provide a second 'emergency copy' of your critical disk volumes. However simply having this copy isn't enough. You need the procedures and abilities to switch to these copies when you need. So how can this be done?


opinion:Reliability and Resilience: Only Important After Outages?

While working on a performance project recently, my client asked for some help with assessing and improving the reliability, or resilience of their application. This is interesting because it's the first time someone has ever asked this.



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