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LongEx Mainframe Quarterly - November 2017



DevOps has been the buzzword of choice, promising better, faster and more reliable software development on principles based on Agile.

In this issue, we take an independent look at DevOps from a mainframe point of view. In our first management article, we look at some of the mainframe-specific problems faced when considering DevOps, and discuss if DevOps is feasable on the mainframe.

In our second management article we follow on from this, and show how DevOps could benefit mainframe application development with a hypothetical.

Finally, in our opinion article, we argue that although many DevOps tools available are useful, most mainframe sites have the tools they need to get DevOps benefits.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

management: Can DevOps Work With The Mainframe?

DevOps has become one of the big-interest terms in the IT arena, providing a path for better software development and deployment. But when you search the web for DevOps, you'll see most talk about UNIX and Windows servers. However mainframe software development suffers from the same issues as other platforms, so DevOps looks attractive for the big end of town. But DevOps on the mainframe isn't as easy as others. So can DevOps really work on the mainframe?


management: Why I Like DevOps: A Hypothetical

Right from the start, I need to say that I'm a little excited about DevOps. And this is strange, coming from a sceptical mainframe veteran who has seen so many hot topics come and go. What's perhaps more interesting is that DevOps really hasn't been applied to the mainframe yet. But for me, DevOps tackles one of the biggest problems I see in mainframe sites around the world: collaboration and communication. Let me show an example.


opinion: Do We Need All These DevOps Tools?

DevOps is one of the latest big terms in computing, designed to improve software development and deployment. If you believe much of what you read on the internet, DevOps is all about tools. Install the right tools, hit the big, green button, and DevOps is magically up and running. But it's not that simple, is it?



LongEx Quarterly is a quarterly eZine produced by Longpela Expertise. It provides System z Mainframe and z/OS related articles for management and technical experts. It is published every November, February, May and August.

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